A Glance at Online Betting Statistics for Bettors in Australia

Online Betting Statistics

The world of online gambling holds a history that is filled with more than the enjoyment experienced by players and extends into the many different occurrences regarding legalities, the development and progression of gaming and the statistics that come with.

As far as Australia goes, while gambling was not always permitted in the country, the 20th century saw a change in laws that would soon make Australia a gambling mecca.

Online betting has for a long time been regulated in, though it is not the easiest task obtaining a license with strict laws surrounding online gambling establishments that operate within the borders.

Statistics in Betting

There are two ways to which we can refer to statistics in online betting, one of which is when talking specifically about the sport that is being bet on. This ultimately refers to the fact and figure within a particular sport, listing their accumulated points, picks, information on players and more.

For example, the statistics in soccer would display the various teams competing in the various tournaments with their pick and possible tipster listed next to them, generally with an option to bet as well.

Australian Online Betting Statistics

One of the most common references to online betting statistics for punters of the Geelong Cup betting or any other sport such as rugby is to the trends that take place, as well as their relation to the country they take place in. An easy way to explain this would be to consider Australia’s online betting stats, where we see an interesting trend that shows a decline in the popular gambling pastimes.

For instance, the official figures regarding horse racing revenues earned at events, that were last released were in 2008 and back then it was recorded that the industry had generated as much as 40% less than they had in the early 90’s. Confronting more recent figures, while they may be unofficial, sees no change in the trend, with a continual decrease in popularity with regards to horse racing.

Australian Online Betting Statistics

The Rise of Online Gambling

There has been a massive increase in popularity with regards to online gambling in Australia over the same period of time that horse racing has seen a decrease, which suggests that horse racing bettors have decided to move their money away from the track and over to online sportsbooks instead.

The statistics in 2004 read that internet gambling was still the least popular means of gambling in spite of the fact that it had increased in popularity. However, in 2015 online betting had rocketed to be one of the most popular ways to gamble, albeit still not quite as popular as the lotteries and the Video Lottery Terminals.

Future Australian Gambling Statistics

While it has been clearly outlined that the lotteries rule in popularity amongst Australian citizens, there are many that believe that the continuous rise in online gambling popularity that can be seen today will ultimately lead it to rule the way.

Lastly, one online betting statistic that is often overlooked is the gambling addiction rate, which is relatively low in Australia and affects just 3% of adults and just 2% of those aged between 15 and 24, which means that the online gambling future looks bright in Australia.