Asian Handicap Betting Explained

There are many different types of asian handicaps that can be applied to any football match being waged upon in New Zealand at any of the top rated and most enjoyed online sports betting sites. Whilst it may seem a bit daunting to understand when first looking into the rules of asian betting, it actually offers any gambler looking to bet on football within New Zealand a huge advantage when making these bets. Therefore, any person wanting to bet on football at any online sportsbook in New Zealand should understand the ins and outs of asian handicaps and how to use them to their advantage. Continue reading Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Live Betting Benefits For Punters From New Zealand

Thanks to the arrival of the internet, the world of sports betting has taken off stratospherically, especially for punters from New Zealand that enjoy live betting, also known as in-running or in-play wagering.

The general principle behind this kind of wagering is that punters are able to place their bet once the game or sporting event has begun. American football, soccer, basketball, cricket betting and horse racing are all markets there for the choosing, and watching these activities is more exciting as a result. Continue reading Live Betting Benefits For Punters From New Zealand

The Top 5 NASCAR Tournament Upsets of All Time

Stock-car racing is popular with sports betting fans in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, and the USA’s various NASCAR series keeps them well supplied with action. The most exciting races are those that produce a win for the underdog, so here’s our pick for the top five surprise results in history:

Rookie Bayne Wins 2011 Daytona 500

Just a day after his 20th birthday, in only his second Sprint Cup race, Nationwide Series graduate Trevor Bayne became the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500 in February, 2011. Driving for NASCAR’s oldest team, Wood Brothers Racing, Bayne’s victory in the famous Florida endurance event was WBR’s first in 10 years, and it also made him the second-youngest driver ever to win a Sprint Cup race.

Jamie McMurray’s 2002 UAW-GM Quality 500

A year after the shocking death of Dale Earnhardt in a crash at the Daytona 500, Chip Ganassi Racing lost driver Sterling Marlin in October 2002, with a fractured vertebra. McMurray had one Sprint Cup start to his name, and was only supposed to start as a rookie the following year, but he found himself in the hot seat for the UAW-GM Quality 500. He rose to the occasion in his Chevy, leading for the final 96 of the race’s 100 laps.

Earnhardt’s 1990 Daytona Loss to Cope

One of NASCAR’s most revered drivers, Dale Earnhardt suffered two Daytona 500 disappointments in a row, a decade before his tragic demise at the same track. The most frustrating was probably the first one, in 1990, when Earnhardt looked set for certain victory in the 200-lap race. He was in the lead for the final 155, but on turn three of the very last lap he hit debris on the track, blowing a tyre. His sudden, dramatic loss of speed allowed Derrike Cope to slip past for his first Sprint Cup victory, and his only win at the Daytona 500.

Bouchard’s Talladega One-Hit-Wonder in 1981

Wagering on NASCAR racing stretches way back, to long before betting enthusiasts could enjoy no deposit pokies online for real money casino bonuses, deposit matching sign-up bonuses and similar perks online. One of the biggest upsets betting fans have witnessed at NASCAR occurred 36 years ago, at the 1981 Talladega 500. New England rookie Ron Bouchard won his first and only Sprint Cup victory in a photo-finish that saw him pass Darrell Waltrip and Terry Labonte right on the finish line. It was the one high spot of his career: Bouchard didn’t even finish the season, and retired from the Sprint Cup circuit in 1987.

Keselowski Goes Full Ricky Bobby at Talladega

Back in 2009, Michigan NASCAR star Brad Keselowski was still an unknown rookie for the unimpressive Phoenix Racing team. All that changed with his heart-stopping win at Talladega’s Aaron 499, however. Challenging race leader Carl Edwards hard in the final lap, Keselowski collided with Edwards when the latter turned across him, resulting in one of the most spectacular crashes in NASCAR history. Edwards’ car was destroyed as he flipped off the catch fence, allowing Keselowski through for the first of many Sprint Cup victories. The most amusing part of the finish, however, was life imitating art: Edwards pulled himself from the burning wreckage of his car to run, in true Will Ferrell fashion, across the finish line.

Popular Capricorn Coast Has Rockhampton CQARC Cup

Rockhampton lies in the popular tourist destination on Central Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, 640 kilometres north of Brisbane, and lies on the banks of the historic Fitzroy River. Rockhampton Racecourse is generally regarded as the racing hub of Central Queensland.  Racing is held on both the secondary inner short sand track with a circumference of 1160 metres and a straight if 400 metres, or the main outer track of grass which has a circumference of 1900 metres and an enormous long home straight of 580 metres, that gives competing thoroughbreds plenty of chance to gain momentum. The major race is the Rockhampton CQARC Cup run in June every year. Continue reading Popular Capricorn Coast Has Rockhampton CQARC Cup

The Best NBA Bookmakers Offering Online Betting Options

The games that make up the NBA scene are some of the most difficult to lay wagers on of any sport, due to the fact that the scores are often extraordinarily high, and that these can, and do, fluctuate very rapidly.

This makes it surprising that it is one of the most popular sports in online betting overall, and its support on this level rivals that of even the NFL. With 82 regular season games for each of the teams to participate in, there are many more betting opportunities for these games than there are on other sports, like football for example, and, although difficult to win each time, the exhilaration these bets are able to deliver when they are successful make it a wonderful experience for bettors to enjoy whenever they have the chance. Continue reading The Best NBA Bookmakers Offering Online Betting Options

Bingo bonuses online

Online and Mobile Bingo has Taken Off

The earliest mention of the game of Bingo can be traced to 16th-Century Italy, but by the 1900s it was a common pastime in many parts of the world, most notably the USA and UK. The rules of Bingo are easy to learn: players buy cards featuring a grid of pre-set numbers, and random numbers are drawn for which players need to find matches on their cards. Once they have matched enough numbers to complete a preordained pattern (which can change from game to game), the player has a “Bingo” and wins a prize.

Stakes are generally modest, and there may be a number of different patterns that qualify for a prize in a single game, so it is an ideal low-risk entertainment for those who enjoy lotteries and games of chance. The growing number of online and mobile Bingo sites now offers players all over the world access to Bingo whenever and wherever they get the urge to play, whether they access the game though their Internet browsers, or download a free app to play on iPhone, iPad or Android-enabled device.

Advantages of Online or Mobile Play

There are a number of features introduced by online and mobile Bingo sites that differ from traditional land-based Bingo halls, over and above the easy access players have from almost any location.

Unlike traditional Bingo halls, online and mobile sites actually encourage players to chat amongst themselves during games, using direct message boards. This helps to promote a more sociable atmosphere and encourages a sort of “players against the house” camaraderie between far-flung players. Smaller site may also cooperate in Bingo networks, creating a larger pool of players with access to bigger common prizes, which can be won by any player on any of the participating sites.

The auto-daub function offered by online and mobile Bingo is also highly attractive; the game’s software automatically marks matched numbers on the players’ cards, allowing them to keep track of more cards wagered on each game, and making sure they never miss a Bingo (which is a very real risk for inattentive players in a land-based game). One of the major attractions, however, is the Bingo bonuses online and mobile sites offers.

Play Longer with Bingo Bonuses Online

By offering Bingo bonuses, online and mobile Bingo sites hope to encourage visitors to keep playing. Bingo bonuses online are free credits (or credits matching the amount a player has deposited) awarded to players as a reward for playing on the site. In both cases, through Bingo bonuses, online and mobile sites give the player more chances to win prizes, while risking less of their betting stake. Naturally, terms and conditions will be attached to Bingo bonuses online.

A player may have to buy a minimum number of cards, or deposit a specified minimum in their account, before they can cash out any winnings they have made. By offering accessibility, social interaction, bigger betting pools, automatic number checking and Bingo bonuses, online and mobile sites have created a Bingo experience that is attracting new fans every day.

Play roulette online casino

Play Roulette Online Casino Games at Home or On the Move

Recognised the world over, roulette’s famous red and black wheel is one of the most enduring symbols of chance and luck. Despite the game’s popularity, it still has a reputation among many players as being something reserved for the elite in land-based casinos.

Popular culture has fed the image of the game as something exclusive, but this could not be further from the truth. As long as players have a desktop or laptop computer, or a mobile device, and an internet connection, they can play roulette online casino games for big wins or just for fun, wherever they can log on conveniently.

Benefits of Playing Roulette Online

The main reason many players choose to play roulette at top quality online casinos is the sheer convenience of doing so.

With a few clicks, taps, or swipes, players can get their fix of classic gaming action. There is no need to try gather a crowd of friends together, to get dressed up, to travel to a land-based casino, and to have to factor food and drink into the evening’s entertainment budget.

Another reason to Play roulette online casino games is the availability of games. Players never need to worry about full games tables, or having access to only one form of the game.

Free play options are another reason players enjoy this game on their computers or mobile devices. Not many land-based casinos let players enjoy free gaming, and buying a roulette table for home use is impractical and expensive.

Try Different Versions of Online Roulette

Roulette has given rise to different versions over its two century-long history. The three most popular versions among those who play roulette online casino games are the French, European, and American versions. Each version uses slightly different features and rules, and offers players a unique experience with every game.

French roulette uses a wheel with 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36, and a few additional rules, such as En Prison and La Partage. European roulette also uses a wheel with 37 pockets, while American roulette uses a wheel marked with 38 pockets, numbered 00 to 36.

Online Roulette Basics

Players who have acquainted themselves with the basics of the game should find it easy to Play roulette online casino games.

The game uses a black and red wheel, marked with numbered pockets, a ball, and a table marked with different betting areas. Players guess the colour and number of the pocket they think the ball will land in when the wheel stops spinning.

To play, players need to launch the game, and place their opening bet. Among the bet types used are Jeu Zero or Zero Game, Le Tiers du Cylindre or Thirds of the Wheel, Orphelins or Orphans, Les Voisins du Zero or Neighbours of Zero, and Final Bets.

Once bets have been placed, the wheel is spun, the ball is dropped, and the winning colour and number are announced.

Online Roulette Playing Options

Play roulette online casino games by enjoying the Flash versions in browser, or by downloading and installing software. Players only need an active internet connection to enjoy the Flash games.

The download options offered by top online casinos include free software for desktop and laptop computers, and apps for smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

free mobile online casino games

Where to Find Free Mobile Online Casino Games

With an innumerable amount of free mobile games online, finding no cost gaming is easy. Unfortunately, many games and software developers just don’t hit the mark, so a number of players think that only substandard gaming is available, and that is exactly what they settle for.

However, top quality free mobile online casino games are readily available at sites powered by leading software developers. Players can enjoy gaming excellence, and it does not have to cost a cent. Online and mobile casinos of the best quality have made great mobile gaming accessible to players around the world. All that most sites require from players to enjoy free slots, table games and other games is to sign up at the site.

Players can then decide how they want to play the games on their smartphone or tablet, and then go on to choose which title they want to try their hand at first.

Available Top Free Mobile Online Casino Games

The games that players would expect to find on the floors of the world’s major casinos can be found at sites that offer top quality free mobile online casino games.

The digital versions of games that have thrilled players for centuries, as well as games that were developed more recently, boast sharp, clear graphics, state of the art sound effects, and interfaces that are easy to navigate on mobile devices.  Fair and accurate results are produced by the certified random number generators used by software developers that are trusted and reliable.

The free mobile online casino games available at these recommended sites are known for appealing to an incredible spectrum of players. Every title is themed, from vintage casino realness to comic book superheroes, and everything in between.

Players will find classic slots with three reels and with five reels, video slots with bonus games and special features, and action-packed progressive slots. Also to be enjoyed are table games, card games, and speciality games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, variations of Poker, Pontoon, Roulette, and Sic Bo.

How to Play for Free

The top quality sites that offer the best free mobile online casino games give players the choice of download and no download playing options.

Games can be enjoyed by downloading the apps for Android, iPhone, or iPad, or by playing the Flash versions of games in browser. Both options allow for almost instant access to award-winning no cost gaming, although certain features may only be available on the apps.

When it comes to accessing the free games, some sites require players to sign up first, while other sites do not. Sites that do not require players to sign up may offer trial versions of games on their games pages.

Some sites offer free mobile online casino games bonuses. These are usually No Deposit, Free Spins, or Free Bets bonuses.

Players who accept these offers will be given an amount of bonus money, spins, or bets by the site. Bonus codes may be used to activate these promotions at some sites. Should players wish to keep any winnings they make, they would need to make a real money deposit.

Enjoy a Range of Free iPad Online Casino Games

When it comes to free iPad online casino games, top quality online casinos have made sure players are spoiled for choice! Powered by internationally renowned software developers, these sites make free gaming not only possible, but fun, too.

No matter where players are, as long as their iPads have an active internet connection, they can enjoy an amazing array of slots, table games and other games at their fingertips. Optimised for a tablet format, these games feature easily navigable interfaces, bright and clear graphics, and great sound effects. Continue reading Enjoy a Range of Free iPad Online Casino Games