Get Your Cash Blooming with the Flowers Slot

Birds twitter and ducks quack in the background, as the five transparent reels of the Flowers slot spin against a cloudless blue summer sky. The reels are contained in a simple wooden frame, with hooks on either side, from which hang the string of multi-coloured flower pots designating the title’s 30 pay lines. This cheerful outdoorsy slot allows players to bet on any number of pay lines from 1 to 30, with coin denominations in six levels from 0.01 to 0.50, and the ability to bet from 1 to 5 coins per line.

Flowers is a NetEnt slot, and although the developer has taken its usual pains to make sure the 3D game symbols look good, the title does not offer much in the way of bonus features apart from a free spins round in which the Wilds arrive stacked. However, NetEnt has introduced the innovation of double symbols, which does pump up the win potential for green-thumbed slot fans.

Double Symbols Provide Double Prize Potential

The Flowers slot’s five high-value icons, a goofy-looking bluebell, a shy pink peony, a hungry Venus fly-trap, a friendly sunflower and a belligerent red rose, can all arrive in single and double form in the reel windows. Double icons count twice in forming combos, so this makes it possible to form a winning three-of-a-kind-or-better match on just the first two reels.

It also makes it possible to create top matches of 10 of a kind across one pay line, and the Flowers pay table reflects this. Prizes start at 10 coins for three bluebells or peonies, but the peonies are worth more as the number of matches increases. 10 Bluebells will win 1,200 coins, while the prize for the same number of peonies is 1,400 coins. For 10 of a kind, the Venus flytrap, sunflower and rose win 1,600, 1,800 and 2,000 coins, respectively.

Sunny Wild Keeps Flowers Growing

The Flowers Wild is a helpful sun, its face screwed up and its tongue poking out as it concentrates on fuelling photosynthesis. Apart from the Scatter, the double symbols are also among those the Wild cannot substitute for. But it can replace any of the single symbols to complete New Zealand online pokies winning lines.

If the Wilds rack up on successive reels on the same pay line, starting from Reel 1, the Wild also wins prizes for its own combinations. Three, four or five Wilds are awarded prizes of 250, 1,000 or 5,000 coins, so it can be the Flowers slot’s most profitable icon.

Scatter can also be Doubled

The counterpart to the sun, a cheery rain cloud Scatter arriving to give the thirsty Flowers a drink, also appears in both single and double format. Because of this, the Scatter requires three matches, not two as is the case in some slots, before it starts winning bet multipliers, and at least four Scatters, not three, are required to activate the free spins bonus.

However, the doubled symbols also means that the Flowers slot can offer a bigger range of prize options. Three, four, five or six Scatters win 2X the total bet, but seven Scatters win 4X and eight Scatters score a prize of 10X the bet per spin.

The number of free spins starts at 10 for four Scatters, and escalates in increments to a top value of 30 free spins for eight Scatters. During free spins, the Wilds can arrive stacked across the whole reel, and all prizes are trebled.