Asian Handicap Betting Explained

There are many different types of asian handicaps that can be applied to any football match being waged upon in New Zealand at any of the top rated and most enjoyed online sports betting sites. Whilst it may seem a bit daunting to understand when first looking into the rules of asian betting, it actually offers any gambler looking to bet on football within New Zealand a huge advantage when making these bets. Therefore, any person wanting to bet on football at any online sportsbook in New Zealand should understand the ins and outs of asian handicaps and how to use them to their advantage.

Ready to learn?

In this article, we will take a look at a few forms of asian betting that are most commonly used by gamblers in New Zealand. We will also touch on how these forms of asian betting work to the advantage of any gambler when they are making bets at the top rated and most loved sportsbooks in New Zealand.

The no draw bet

We all understand that betting on a simple outcome of a football match has three possible ways to win. Either a team will lose, a team will win or there will be no winner and instead there is a draw. The chances of winning one of these simple bets one to three, or around thirty three percent. However with the draw no bet or DNB asian handicap the option for there to be no winner is eliminated and either a team will win or lose. Should a draw occur, there will be no bet.

Why is this good for any online sports bettor in New Zealand?

Well, for one, the chances of winning is now increased from thirty three to fifty percent, so any bet has a greater possibility, the other advantage is that, should  a draw occur, the gambler will not lose out as no bet will be placed.

Asian handicap underdogs

The other popular form of asian handicaps in the New Zealand online sports betting community is the ability to place bets based formation of the team as well as the teams that are playing against one another. There are different odds that are offered to different teams and this is where asian handicaps become a little more complicated. However, don’t be put off by the sight of numbers flying around. Think of this as the underdog bets or a long shot bet. A team with a higher potential of winning is handicapped where as the underdog team will be given an advantage.

How to use this to your advantage

This form of asian handicap betting allows gamblers in New Zealand the ability to increase the odds on every bet that they make and an informed bettor that understands how football works is able to make the best possible AFL premiership betting in order to win bigger and better payouts. The odds dramatically increase the payout amounts and any bettor in New Zealand making use of the top online sports books is able to use this to their advantage