Nothing like Getting Out for a Ladies Nite

Ladies Nite slot by Microgaming features a total of nine paylines with five reels.

The art style in Ladies Nite slot is a retro cartoon style with bright, vibrant colours that communicate the light-hearted nature of this particular slot. The use of gradients is prevalent as is exaggerated features of people and objects that serve as symbols within the slot reels.

The reel is outlined in a dance floor theme with small, multi-coloured tiles lining the outside, top and bottom. The title of the slot, Ladies Nite, is written in a cursive script in a pink gradient and has a disco ball between the two words. This helps to further reinforce the fun and carefree theme of this slot which is a night on the town with the girls. To the left and the right of the reel, players can see the various paylines for this slot. They are shown in multi-coloured boxes and include a blue four, a white two, an orange eight, a blue six, a yellow one, a pink seven, a red nine, a green three and a purple 5. Between these numbers are fun, decorative stars.

Below the reel is some information that is important to the player. This information includes the lines being played, the coins being bet and the player’s feature wins. It also shows how many credits the real money Indian slots player has left to play with. In addition, there is a spin button and a view payout button for the player to utilise.

Ladies Nite Slot Symbols

The symbols for this slot are all based around the theme of a night out on the town with girls. The normal slot symbols that one might expect to see are included. These are an orange nine, a red ten with a yellow outline, a green jack, a blue queen with a crown, a yellow king that has a bowtie and tuxedo and an orange ace that is sitting on a pink drink with a straw and umbrella. Additional symbols for this slot include a red lipstick with a green background, a black purse with sparkling sequence and a silver clasp with a blue background, a yellow fruit drink with an orange and red liquid inside, a bottle of perfume, a shirtless torso with a black tie and alcohol shooters that serves as the scatter, a wild symbol, and finally a smiling woman with black hair and a purple headband who is dancing under a disco ball.

Bonus Features

One of the bonus features on this slot is a free spins feature. What players might find interesting is during the free spins bonus games, all of their winnings are tripled. This can lead to some very large wins for players who are lucky enough to hit wins when they are in the free spins bonus round. In order to activate the free spins bonus round, players must get three of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reel.

There is also a gamble feature in this game where players must pick the correct colour of the card to double their money on any given spin. If they pick the correct card suit as well, they will multiply their winnings by four times.