A Relevant Guide to Playing Online Tequila Poker on iPad

Of all casino games, poker is one of the most versatile. The game has given rise to a number of single and multiplayer variations, including some that borrow elements from other games of chance.

One of the most popular of these is the single-player game, tequila poker. This exciting game brings in elements from blackjack, also known as 21.

With iPad Online tequila poker, players can enjoy the game where only their cards matter at their leisure. To play, all players need to do is to sign up at top online and mobile casinos, and play the Flash version of the game in browser, or download the app for their iOS device.

Free play trial versions and no deposit bonus offers let players play for free, just for fun, and secure banking services allow players to fund accounts easily to enjoy real money play and heart-racing opportunities to win big.

Tequila Poker Basic Gameplay

In iPad Online tequila poker, it is only the player’s cards that matter. The Dealer does not play, so no hands are compared.

Like gamblers of blackjack at https://onlinenzcasino.co.nz/casino-games/blackjack, when playing this exciting game at top quality mobile and online casinos, the player’s first move is to tap the Bet button to place an opening bet known as the Ante. The player then taps the Deal button, and four cards will be dealt to them, face up.

After considering the cards they were dealt, the player needs to decide whether to fold, which loses the bet and ends the game, or to continue playing.

If the player chooses to continue, a second bet that is equal to the Ante will be place, and the player will receive two more cards, and the highest-ranking five card hand will automatically be arranged from the player’s six cards. The choice to continue usually presents players with the option of playing tequila poker or high tequila.

In iPad Online tequila poker, if the hand contains a pair of Aces or higher, the ante bet will be paid at even money, and the second bet paid out according to the pay table. If the player’s hand ranks below a pair of Aces, the player loses the bet.

In high tequila, if a hand has a value of less than 46, the player will lose both bets. If a hand has a value of 46 or higher, the ante bet will be paid at even money, and the second bet according to the table. Blackjack card values are used, so an Ace has a value of 11 points.

Tequila Poker Strategies

Many traditional poker strategies simply don’t fit in with the format of iPad Online tequila poker, but that doesn’t mean there are no strategies to be used in this thrilling game.

These strategies should help a player decide whether to fold, or to continue playing, once they have been dealt their first four cards.

If these cards contain any pair, four, flush or straight, the player should continue with the tequila poker playing option. If the three highest of the four cards total 28 or more points, the player should continue with the high tequila playing option.

If the four iPad Online tequila cards contain anything else, the player should consider folding. If both conditions are met by the player’s four cards, the player could continue with either playing option. The choice would come down to personal preference.