Popular Capricorn Coast Has Rockhampton CQARC Cup

Rockhampton lies in the popular tourist destination on Central Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, 640 kilometres north of Brisbane, and lies on the banks of the historic Fitzroy River. Rockhampton Racecourse is generally regarded as the racing hub of Central Queensland.  Racing is held on both the secondary inner short sand track with a circumference of 1160 metres and a straight if 400 metres, or the main outer track of grass which has a circumference of 1900 metres and an enormous long home straight of 580 metres, that gives competing thoroughbreds plenty of chance to gain momentum. The major race is the Rockhampton CQARC Cup run in June every year.

The Rockhampton Jockey Club was established in 1868 and the races are run in north Rockhampton at Callaghan Park, which hosts more than forty four race meetings each year. This Jockey Club has more than 150 years of racing and hospitality history, and is one of the largest provincial thoroughbred racing clubs in Queensland. The Central Queensland Amateur Racing Club (CQARC) manages the operation of the race track, and the running of the Rocky Amateurs Cup each year. This race has prize money of 25,000 dollars. There is a multitude of festivities during the winter racing carnival for people to take part in, and the major race is the Rockhampton CQARC Cup. The Rockhampton CQARC Cup race track has recently been redeveloped and the surface of the track is now generally regarded as one of the best in Australia.

Horse Racing a Centuries-Old Sport

Horse racing has been popular in one form or another since the days of the Roman Empire. The first racecourse, of the type that we know today, was established in the early eighteenth century in England. The Jockey Club that met in Newmarket in England in 1750 has provided the prototype for all the racing and jockey clubs all over the world. There are now hundreds of racecourses all over the world, and hundreds of well known races are run on them, like the Melbourne Cup, the most famous race in Australia.

Betting on Horse Racing Needs Skill

There are many different kinds of horse races. There are maiden races, handicap races and stakes races, which are run by the better horses and have the biggest purses. Betting online on these races is becoming the most popular and easy way for punters to place their bets, if they are not present at the track. Online betting through a reputable sports book or you can visir Canadian mobile casinos sites for safe and secure transactions, and offer first class customer service. Some will even provide newsletters and information on the form of the participating horses, the condition of the tracks and all the updated statistics on the jockeys and trainers.

Some punters make a living from their wagers on horse races, but that does require some intensive research into all the particulars of the race that the punter is interested in. Winning at gambling not really a game of chance, it is more a game of skill.

Sports betting can be an extremely lucrative pastime, and is one of the reasons online betting has become so successful. Certainly it is a thriving industry, and appeals to every punter with a love of the sport of horse racing, and a wish to enjoy the thrill of a wager.