Bingo bonuses online

Online and Mobile Bingo has Taken Off

The earliest mention of the game of Bingo can be traced to 16th-Century Italy, but by the 1900s it was a common pastime in many parts of the world, most notably the USA and UK. The rules of Bingo are easy to learn: players buy cards featuring a grid of pre-set numbers, and random numbers are drawn for which players need to find matches on their cards. Once they have matched enough numbers to complete a preordained pattern (which can change from game to game), the player has a “Bingo” and wins a prize.

Stakes are generally modest, and there may be a number of different patterns that qualify for a prize in a single game, so it is an ideal low-risk entertainment for those who enjoy lotteries and games of chance. The growing number of online and mobile Bingo sites now offers players all over the world access to Bingo whenever and wherever they get the urge to play, whether they access the game though their Internet browsers, or download a free app to play on iPhone, iPad or Android-enabled device.

Advantages of Online or Mobile Play

There are a number of features introduced by online and mobile Bingo sites that differ from traditional land-based Bingo halls, over and above the easy access players have from almost any location.

Unlike traditional Bingo halls, online and mobile sites actually encourage players to chat amongst themselves during games, using direct message boards. This helps to promote a more sociable atmosphere and encourages a sort of “players against the house” camaraderie between far-flung players. Smaller site may also cooperate in Bingo networks, creating a larger pool of players with access to bigger common prizes, which can be won by any player on any of the participating sites.

The auto-daub function offered by online and mobile Bingo is also highly attractive; the game’s software automatically marks matched numbers on the players’ cards, allowing them to keep track of more cards wagered on each game, and making sure they never miss a Bingo (which is a very real risk for inattentive players in a land-based game). One of the major attractions, however, is the Bingo bonuses online and mobile sites offers.

Play Longer with Bingo Bonuses Online

By offering Bingo bonuses, online and mobile Bingo sites hope to encourage visitors to keep playing. Bingo bonuses online are free credits (or credits matching the amount a player has deposited) awarded to players as a reward for playing on the site. In both cases, through Bingo bonuses, online and mobile sites give the player more chances to win prizes, while risking less of their betting stake. Naturally, terms and conditions will be attached to Bingo bonuses online.

A player may have to buy a minimum number of cards, or deposit a specified minimum in their account, before they can cash out any winnings they have made. By offering accessibility, social interaction, bigger betting pools, automatic number checking and Bingo bonuses, online and mobile sites have created a Bingo experience that is attracting new fans every day.