US Open Golf in 2016 At Oakmont CC Oakmont Pennsylvania

Golf is an internationally popular sport, and players take part in many tournaments and competitions held in every country in the world. The USA is a world leader in the sport of golf, and the tournaments held there are among the most prestigious that are held in that sport. Golf has its own philosophy and etiquette, and a vocabulary that is all its own.

There is a huge number of people who play golf, whether professionally or as a hobby or pastime, and also a huge number of people who follow all the tournaments and competitions, and who watch them on live broadcasts.

The Return of the US Open to Oakmont CC Oakmont Pennsylvania

Oakhurst Country Club has the oldest top ranked golf course in the United States, and has hosted more championships than any other course in the United States.  The course was designed by Henry Fownes, and opened in 1903 after a year spent building the course. It is unusual in that there are virtually no water hazards, and since 2007, almost no trees. It has some two hundred bunkers, and is generally regarded in the golf community as one of the most difficult courses in the United States.

The most notable features are the large, extremely fast and undulating greens that slope away from the player, and tight fairways that require the utmost precision. One of the most famous hazards is the Church Pews bunker, which features twelve covered ridges that resemble church pews. Par for the Country Club members is 71.

The Golf US Open Oakmont Pennsylvania course will return to that for the 2016 edition of the tournament, nine years after the championship was last played there. Oakmont has hosted more major tournaments than any other golf course in the United States, and has crowned as champions many of golf’s great legends. It will be held at Oakmont in June 2016, and tickets for that event have been on sale from June 2015.

Betting on This Highly Competitive Sport

The development of golf betting into the predominant sports betting site it is today is relatively recent. Online sports books are still pretty selective with the tournaments that they offer wagering opportunities on.

The majors will of course be included, as these huge events like the British Open, the Masters, the PGA and the US Open are some of the largest sporting events in the world. Generally however, the golfing enthusiast who would like to place a bet can do so nearly every weekend. There are different betting options open to the poli poker players. They include the winner of that specific tournament, and then matchups between individual players. Golf betting is very popular online, and makes watching live television coverage of the games a lot more interesting and fun, especially when the US Open arrives in Oakmont CC.

There are many reputable online sports betting sites that cater to the huge worldwide market. The betting sites are usually highly competitive, and in order to attract punters the highest standards of quality and customer service should also be offered. Often attractive bonuses can be expected too. Good sports betting is most often combined with a good appreciation of the sport of golf, and an objective analysis of the players involved in the tournaments, and the 2016 US Open in Pennsylvania will be no different.