Plaza Casino Introduced to Gamblers

The Plaza Casino at Four Seasons is a fully functioning gambling facility, serving guests of the luxurious Four Seasons hotel on the same premises. Located in Macau, China, the casino is well known for serving only high rollers and big spenders. This is made apparent by the betting limits in the casino, which are unusually high, with no low limits tables to be found anywhere. This condition means that the venue also caters to those who have money to spare, meaning that the décor is extravagant, and dining venues serving nothing but the best.

Casino Games and Services

Like options for online Canadian players at, a full range of traditional casino games are offered to visitors, including the expected blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. Plus, for those who prefer slots to cards, there is an entire section dedicated to both modern and classic slot machines. Best of all, with the Four Seasons hotel just a few steps away, guests can test their luck and be back in the comfort of their own space in just a few minutes. The casino is also known for serving free drinks to guests, which is not common in the Macau entertainment area. Note that dining facilities are also nearby, for those who would like a bite to eat after a few hands of blackjack.

High Stakes Play

The Plaza Casino at Four Seasons resides in what is known as the high limits area of Macau. This means that all the casino games strictly have high betting limits. If you wish to participate, you need to have the means and money to do so, and this is why the casino is also known for specifically catering to high rollers.

Aesthetics and Décor

The Plaza Casino at Four Seasons has an extravagant visual design, and even more extravagant interior décor. From majestic pillars and floors of marble, to high domed ceilings and glittering chandeliers, the establishment cannot be accused subtlety. This breath taking visual design is complimented by the décor of casino, which features a colour palette that would certainly not be out of place in a James Bond film.

Four Seasons Hotel Package Deals

Working in conjunction with the Four Seasons Hotel, the Plaza Casino offers exclusive packages. Guests of the hotel may purchase a complete package that offers not only accommodation, but also a credit deal at the Plaza Casino. More details for these all inclusive packages may be found on the casino website. Note that the venue also caters for weddings, corporate functions and other social activities. A beauty spa is available, which is included in some of the packages offered.

Restaurants and Dining

There is one restaurant and one bar available to those who visit the Plaza Casino at Four Seasons. This may seem like few options in comparison to other nearby establishments, but both the dining and drinks venue have full menus, offering food and beverages from around the world. The speciality of the establishments is, of course, eastern cuisine, but one may still get a steak if they wish. If wishing to visit either establishment, an advance reservation is a good idea, since space may not be available at short notice.