Bejeweled Online Slot Review and Guide for Internet Gamblers

Bejeweled started out as a tile-matching video game developed by PopCap Games in 2001. PopCap Games developed the initial version as a web-based flash game called Diamond Mine. It was actually Microsoft who suggested Bejewele” as a potential title because “Diamond Mine was almost identical to another game of the era called Diamond Mines. The all future seeing Microsoft was propositioned by Bejeweled’s creators — Jason Kapalka, Brian Fiete and John Vechey to purchase the full rights of the game at a very generous offering. They rejected this offer and ten years later they had an even better offer from the gaming giant electronic arts.

This is in no way surprising, as Bejeweled is one of the best selling games of all time. Many more titles after the success of Bejeweled have gone on to copy the match-three strategy approach to gaming.

Bejeweled Online Slot Game Details

Cryptologic has managed to stay true to the finest elements of the gem swapping frenzy. They have managed to produce an online slot that is as playable as any other title available.

Bejeweled online slots are comprised of 5 reels and 10 paylines. There is no progressive jackpot feature only a fixed jackpot.

Bejeweled is extremely easy to play, there is basically no thinking involved unlike roulette where research and thinking are strongly important. This is one of the best slot titles available to pass time with, whether in the office break or at home or on the couch, the enjoyment is endless. The graphics are exactly what you would expect from Bejeweled, instant and down to earth. There are no gimmicks or dazzling lights that distract you from the game and winning.

The title features a typical 5-reel slot arranged just like the game and featuring the same precious gems. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and other gem stones fall down on to the reels. If you manage to land on three or more of the same gem then you win and the gems are replaced allowing for further winning combinations. Bejeweled works identically to the original game apart from the fact that you can not move the gems once they are in their position, as this for obvious reasons would not be a challenge.

Since winning combinations can only be achieved either horizontally or vertically, Bejeweled only features 10 paylines. Even though the paylines are limited the game offers depth and a vast array of challenges for any level of player. Winning combinations are difficult to achieve, if you have patience and a keen eye Bejeweled could be exactly what you are looking for as these virtues do eventually lead to winning big.

Bejeweled Features

Bejeweled only have one feature. This type of slot then is for someone who is comfortable with this type of simplicity and understated style of play.

Wild Symbol

The Bejeweled symbol is the wild and can stand in for any other gem horizontally or vertically.

This is an easygoing slot title, for the player who would like to try something familiar and fun.