Taking a Look at Crown Of Egypt Online Slot

Adding to the ever-growing number of Egyptian themed online slot games available, this is Crown Of Egypt from IGT games. As the name suggests, not only is this an online slot game themed toward the very popular Egyptian theme but this particular one focuses the attention on the leaders of these great people. The game is otherwise quite vibrant, with a whole assortment of symbols on the reels, a vague backdrop that is mostly hidden behind said reels and overall enough featured aspects to make the gameplay feel rather immersive for an online slot game.

The reels of this vibrant Crown Of Egypt online slot is setup in a 5 by 4 way across the screen, with 5 reels present, each comprising 4 rows of symbols. A fun addition that developers IGT games have included in this slot game is a 1024 ways to win pay line alternative, allowing for more wins but on a slightly lower scale. Added to this rather unique playing style are a few bonus features to light up the reels with a bit more action. In this game these include a free spins feature, Wilds and of course a Multiway Xtra through the aforementioned 1024 ways to win system employed on the reels of this slot.

Analysing the Egyptian Theme on these Reels

There are several reasons that the theme of Egypt has been such a recurring one on the reels, but after so many years of this tradition, the theme itself tends to be reason enough for another instalment along these lines. With this Crown Of Egypt slot game from IGT games, the theme involved tends to direct its attention to the ruling class of this ancient civilisation, making it a rather luxury approach to theme in question. As such the colours and imagery of the game seems a little heightened, with the majority of the symbols adorning a fair degree of gold and other valuable looking trinkets. There is also a light set of sound effects to these reels, making the game capable, with the players’ consent, of being rather immersive.

The symbols on the reels of this Crown Of Egypt slot game are neatly packed into the screen and include the various related imagery that has been associated with this theme in this industry. Players will find various Pharaohs on the reels, as well as a few of the Egyptian Gods like Anubis and Ra. There are also a set of playing card symbols, which certainly attempt to pursue the theme involved.

Crown Of Egypt Bonus Features Included

The first of these bonus features in Crown Of Egypt online slot is the Multiway Xtra feature, which is what turns this slot game from an otherwise 40 pay line slot into the 1024 ways to win game available. In order to do this players must play with all the lines active and then opt in for the feature, which double the bet placed but of course allows for wins to be formed as long as the symbols are in adjacent reels. This can be well worth the additional bet.

The free spins feature of this Crown Of Egypt online slot is triggered through the pyramid symbols on the reels. If players land 2 or more on the central reel then the free spins trigger, and with this feature the wins from every combination also increase, a change that is visible through the pay table and can result in some rather lucrative rewards once the feature ends.